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Solution as you wish.

Whenever you search for "only" a component of a solution to your problem or need help with strategy, we are ready to give independent expert advice.

It is up to you, whether you implement the recommended solution yourself (e.g. - with the help of a foreign producer), or you can use our local experts as part of your team, who will help you with the implementation and the subsequent solution support.

About us

Our specialists provide IT services for more than 20 years to the full satisfaction of existing clients.

Professionals in Enterprise Security

This area includes the data centres, networks and workstations of end users, including their mobile devices.

We have many years of experience in the area of Anti Money Laundering.

Our specialists have extensive years of experience in the area of detecting money laundering (Anti-Money Laundering, AML) from projects for the largest banks in the Czech Republic.

Reliable specialist for you

Nowadays information is the most precious comodity for companies. Generally, it is significantly more cost-effective, to proactively ensure the protection of data and secure communication and avoid the solving of unwanted problems in the future.

We help our clients streamline their security management system, save on the cost of security, and define the requirements for security technology and services.

The removal of internal market barriers, also provides more opportunities for money laundering and terrorist financing. Continuous development of technology and the use of the available resources by criminals, requires not only the adaptation of a legal framework, but also adequate AML procedures. The commonly used acronym AML means the procedures of anti-money laundering, called "Money Laundering" in the financial sphere.

The issue of the increasing volume of "dirty money" is shown by international statistics (according to the International Monetary Fund, this volume is around 2-5% of global GDP). In the Czech Republic in 2014, FAU received a notice of total 3,192 suspicious transactions. In this volume, 70% participated the banking sector. In the comparative period 2012 to 2014 was the 45% increase.

Therefore, it is especially important for banks, to know their customers, anticipate and  constantly monitor their behaviour.

What is the reason to contact our AML specialists?

Besides the AML know-how, we have experience with AML solution implementation in the Czech financial market and with AML solution support in Czech banks. With the techniques and tools for creating and optimizing  AML scenarios and especially our proactive approach to the correct settings of AML solutions.

How we can help

The portfolio of our solutions and services, with high added value, is focused on maximum benefit for our clients.   

Request a free consultation with us to discuss the best solution for your organization’s unique challenges and goals.

Personal approach and clear communication

We are dedicated to each client's requirements with the utmost attention and priority, we are trying to understand the goals and visions of our clients.

Technical and knowledge background

We have a capacity of highly specialized IT professionals with years of experience in the Czech financial market.

The smooth running of projects

In our practice we do not experience - delayed and expensive projects. 

Long-term cooperation

The confidence of our clients has been mutually built for many years and for us it is the primary goal.

Savings and optimization

All our solutions are optimized for the client's conditions, with the focus on the economic efficiency of the solutions.

Constant monitoring of new trends

We focus on long-term functionality and flexibility of the offered solutions, with an emphasis on possible legislative changes and technological advances in the future.