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Our introduction

We are dynamic company operating in the Czech market since 2016. 

The core of the company consists of the former employees of the multinational corporation called UNISYS. It provides integrated solutions for governments, financial institutions and commercial markets. After a long-term presence, its own branch in the Czech Republic was terminated by a decision issued from American management in 2016. It is a great honour for us, to provide services for such important customers under the umbrella IT Insignia s. r. o. through the cooperation with U-Systems Slovakia s. r. o.

Thanks to our experienced team of specialists, we can provide comprehensive supplies and services in all phases of projects, including the following services support. Our existing customers are accustomed to superior services, customized solutions, and the same approach is prepared also for our new customers.  

Our main advantages are high flexibility and dynamics during the work for our customers. Tailored compiled teams of specialists, who are experts in the field, providing high quality and professional solutions and maximum benefit for the clients.

  • Data centres
  • Networks
  • Workstations and Mobile Devices
  • Comprehensive IT Security
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • IT Security Consulting Services
  • AML implementation and solutions support 
  • Tuning methodology of AML scenarios
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance solutions

Our Vision

Exceeded the expectations of our customers and their long-term satisfaction.

Our vision has helped us to build on our strengths and in today's changing world, it is challenging for us to be better and better. 

We are trying to achieve a genuine, mutually beneficial business partnership with clients.

Why IT-Insignia?

We will help you:


  • - advice on choosing the right IT security solution
  • - improve Your Organization’s AML & KYC Compliance

We provide your company with the following benefits :


  • - more compliant, “audit-friendly“ organization
  • - user friendly application
  • - more efficient workflow with improved access to the data you need when you need it

We deliver to you:


  • -reduced risk of noncompliance and associated fines
  • - build compliance-friendly procedures directly into your company's technology solution
  • - create a holistic view of customer histories and activities

Our team

Our team has comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience in IT Security and AML. We can help to solve current security problems, streamline security management with regards to the type and size of the customer. The long-term cooperation with global IT vendors, makes us independent of the technology or partner.

The narrow management team is responsible for IT-Insignia management, consisting of:


Pavel Sova

Executive director

Project manager

Pavel is responsible for the implementation and management of projects in the company. He has many years of experiences in the area of AML, IT security, integration projects and corporate environment. Previously, he worked as Delivery Manager at Unisys Corporation.

Daniel Šamudovský

Executive director
Solution Architect

Daniel is responsible for sales and IT architecture in the company. Previously, he worked as a Solution Architect at Unisys Corporation.