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The value of what we do is driven by the companies and people we partner with.

They are the vendors who have one common feature they offer solutions that are in some respect UNIQUE and so they have no direct competition in the market.

The list of partners is continuously expanded.

Partnership in the area of IT services and products


U-system Slovakia s. r. o. is one of the major service and software providers for data security and complex security projects, security services and services focused on IT outsourcing.

In the Czech Republic, we cooperate with this company on AML projects.


COMGUARD a. s. is a Value-Added Distributor (B2B), focusing on data and communications protection, security and management of mobile devices, network security, cloud services, analysing events from logs etc. In short, everything in connected with Security & Networking IT solutions.

COMGUARD is our partner distributor of the following solutions as ObserveIT, Sophos and Barracuda.


Avnet Technology Solutions is a leading global distributor of enterprise computing products, software and services with added value. It offers products, solutions and services from a wide spectrum of vendors such as EMC, IBM, Lenovo, Oracle, Symantec and Veritas.   

Avnet is our partner distributor of DellEMC solutions.  

Partnership in the area of innovative solutions


Nexthink is a producer of  “IT analytics“systems. Thanks to the partnership with Nexthink Company, we offer a unique solution for proactive analytics of IT environment from the perspective of end-user devices. Nexthink solution offers a way how to monitor and analyse the use of the entire IT infrastructure in real-time. It records all the important events on device and their network communication, e.g. using applications, volumes of transferred data, errors, faults, and also the potential security risks.

Veeam propartner

Data centres of organizations are modernizing and as well as facing to new demands of end users, including constant access to data and applications, zero tolerance of data loss, but also exponential data growth in 30-50% per annum.

Traditional backup fails to meet these requirements and cannot provide availability that is required for today's data centres.

As many as 82% of managers argue that they noticed a difference between the level of accessibility of data centres and the levels required by users.

Therefore, more than 193 000 companies, of which 50,000 in the last 12 months, got out of traditional backup software in favour of something entirely new. This is the availability thanks to Veeam solutions.


Protect end users’ desktop, tablets and mobiles. New generation of Network security with firewalls. Intelligence through online communication between network security elements and security features for end users. Information about the status of the entire environment (dashboard) on one place. Easy central administration, rapid deployment. Protection against malware and ransomware. This is Sophos. ​​​​​​​

Dell- EMC

The fusion of Dell Technologies and EMC Corporation was a step to establish the new market leader with expanding portfolio of technologies, it solves the complex problems of customers in the area of hybrid clouds, software-defined data centres, converged infrastructure, platforms provided as a service, data analysis, mobility and cyber security.

Flowmon Networks

FlowMon Networks helps companies to manage and secure the network infrastructure through the modern technology of monitoring and analysing the behaviour of computer networks based on data flows. (NetFlow / IPFIX). Worldwide, IT professionals have better control over the network traffic, they could improve application performance, and protect their systems against modern cyber threats that bypass traditional security. That’s all thanks FlowMon.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks is a global leading producer of hardware and virtual appliances for securing of individual elements in the corporate network, and technology of telecommunication providers in the data centre.

Partnership in the area of AML 


FICO TONBELLER the company provides analytics software and tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations and meet strict government regulations.


Our partnership is concerned to the Siron™ products, develops and implements standardized and individual solutions against financial crime and for risk management and monitoring, analysis, and reporting.



FICO® TONBELLER™ AML Solutions consists of flexible software modules, which could be variably combined. There are:

Siron™ KYC (Know your customer, Client Onboarding / Due Diligence),

Siron™ AML (Ongoing Suspicious Activity Monitoring),

Siron™ Embargo (Real-time Tranctions Filtering),

Siron™ RAS (Monitoring and risk analysis)

Siron™ RCC (Holistic view including visualization for risk management)

Siron™ TCR (Classification by FATCA, CRS).


Our specialists have with this solution more than ten years of excellent experience.