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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how IT-Insignia s.r.o., incorporated collects and processes personal information about you, how we use and protect this information, and your rights in relation to this information as a personal data administrator and provider of


IT-Insignia s.r.o. is located at Prague - Holešovice, Osadní 774/35, 170 00, Czech Republic. Company ID: 28545541. Company registered in the Commercial Register, kept at the Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, insert 149320

The purpose of this document is to provide you with comprehensive information about what kind of personal information we collect, how we use it, what the sources are, what purposes it is used for, whom it is provided to, where you can obtain information about your processed personal data and your individual privacy rights.

Protecting your privacy and protecting your information is important to us.

We collect the following information:

Information that you knowingly and voluntarily provide to us

We collect information that you knowingly and voluntarily provide to us, for example when you use our websites, or when use our services. In many cases, this information will contain personal information such as your email address and your contact details; a postal/billing address etc. when you request our services.

Automatic information. Information that is automatically sent to us by your Web browser. This information typically includes your Internet service provider's IP address, the name of your operating system (such as Macintosh® or Windows®), and the name and version of your browser (for example, Internet Explorer® or Netscape®). The information we receive depends on the settings in your Web browser. Check your browser to learn what information is being sent or how to change your settings. The information provided by your browser does not identify you personally. We may use this information to generate statistics that help us improve our site and its compatibility with the technologies used by our visitors.

Cookies. We do not currently collect and actively use Cookies (temporary or permanent).

How and when the information is used.

The information we collect is used to manage our business activities.

Our business activities consist mainly of:

- IT consultancy and advisory activities in the field of IT, AML, GDPR

- Sale of Software and hardware

Our goal is that you make qualified and informed decision at the time when you provide us your personal information. We always try to provide you with a brief overview of the purpose of the processing of personal data requested, when we collect personal information electronically, including the period we will process them.

If we need your consent for a particular type of processing, you will be asked to provide your consent.

If you do not grant your consent, the products or services we provide to you may be limited or otherwise modified depending on the extent of the information we will be allowed by you to process.

You will be informed about the extent of restrictions or modifications to the offered services at the time you deny to provide us your consent.

If the company processes personal data above the scope of its contractual and legal obligations, it is in particular for the purpose of:

- client care,

- certain products and services require certain verification or identification level, thus ensuring company’s legitimate interest;

- potential targeted offer of our products and services.

How we protect your information.

The company uses reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal data. For example, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to transmit personal information over the Internet. Although we use security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure, misuse, or alteration, as it is the case with all computer networks connected to the Internet, we cannot guarantee the security of the information provided through internet and we are not responsible for any breach of security beyond our reasonable control.

Processing of personal data is automated through information systems that store and protect personal data from unauthorized access, modification, distribution, publication, deletion or destruction, and accidental erasure and damage. Your personal information will be stored by default in the company databases or databases managed by our service providers. Most of these databases are stored in Microsoft cloud services, within the European Union. To the extent required by law, if your personal data will be transferred outside the Czech Republic, you will be informed (excluding the information already provided about the usage of cloud Microsoft).

Personal data files are accessible only to authorised persons (employees and persons authorised to do so), i.e. persons with proper access rights. Our business practices restrict access to confidential information and restrict the use and disclosure of such information to unauthorised persons.

Who may have access to the information.

The company does not sell any personal data without your express consent.

However, the company may share your personal information in the following cases only:

a) with third parties, if we hire them to support our services. We require these third parties to use personal information we share with them only in a manner consistent with the purpose for which they were originally collected (or which you subsequently agreed to), and only as permitted by this policy, and these third parties are required to treat your personal information confidentially, in the same manner as we do. The provision of such services occurs on our behalf.

b) The company may share your personal information with third parties that are our partners in the provision of products and services and that we need to use to provide the services. If we do so, we will require our business partners to use the personal information we provide to them in a manner that is consistent with the purpose for which they were originally collected (or that you subsequently agreed to), and only within the limits as permitted by this policy.

In certain limited circumstances, we may share or transmit personal information to third parties, for example (i) on the basis of a legal request or court order; (ii) to investigate possible criminal activities such as identity theft; (iii) In connection with the sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution of the company or business unit of the company; or (iv) in similar circumstances. If such an event occurs, we will take appropriate measures to protect your personal information.

Personal Data sources

By default, personal data is recorded in the form provided by you, the data subject. Automatic data correction is not performed. Personal data provided in electronic form is processed automatically by the system, personal data provided in the classic form or orally are processed manually. We acquire personal data in particular:

(a) directly from you, eg. When concluding contracts or indirectly, e.g. When using products or services, etc.;

(b) from publicly available sources (public registers, registers or lists);

(c) from own activities by processing and evaluating personal data.

Retention of personal data

Your personal data is kept as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

Manage Your data

We would like to help you to keep your data up to date. If we ascertain incorrectness or inaccuracy, usually after detection or notice from your side, we will immediately evaluate and appropriately correct the data processed. You may also request access to information that we process about you. Upon request, we will allow you to review, correct and remove inaccuracies in your personal data and update this information. You can also ask to correct the information by sending a request to the address specified below.

Upon your request, we will provide you with information about the data we process about you without undue delay. Although we have the right to request reasonable reimbursement of the costs incurred in providing such information, we meet your request free of charge.

Based on your right to erase, we evaluate the justification for your request for deletion and if other legitimate interests do not prevent us, we will delete personal information about you to the maximum extent possible. Disposal of personal data is done by the company by the physical destruction of their carrier, their physical erasure or their permanent exclusion from further processing.

If you believe that your personal data is being processed unlawfully, violating the law, you may ask us to explain; require us to remove such status (in particular by blocking, repairing, supplementing or disposing of personal data).

If your application is found to be justified, we will remove the status immediately and inform you. We will also inform of your request persons to whom your personal information has been provided, and shall ask them to take appropriate action in each individual case, when this will be possible and does not constitute a disproportionate effort.

The website is not generally intended for persons under 13 years of age. The company does not knowingly acquire or collect personal information from children except as permitted under applicable law. If we find that a child’s data have been disclosed to us without the consent of the parents or other legal guardian of these children, we will endeavour these data are removed without delay. In doing so, we will follow your corresponding instructions under the parental authority or the scope of legal guardians. If your child has provided personal information and you want to request that such data are deleted from our records, please contact us at the address below.


If you have any questions or objections to this policy, or to use your personal information, please contact us at the address below. We will investigate your inquiry. The standard time limit for the settlement of inquiry (including satisfaction of the right of access, rectification, erasure) shall be 1 month and, in justified cases, the time limit may be extended up to 2 months. In the event of an extension of the deadline, you will be informed of the need to extend the deadline.

At the instigation/complaint/inquiry/request, please indicate in what form you wish to receive the data –what form and where to provide (in order to ensure reasonable legal certainty that personal data are transmitted to the authorized person and in the desired manner). However, we reserve the right to determine the method and form of delivery in order to comply with legal requirements and compliance with previously granted instructions.

With your complaints you can also contact the Office for Personal Data protection, with its registered office Pplk. Sochora 727/27, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Tel.: + 420 234 665 111.

Links to third-party sites

The company's website may contain links to websites that are not operated by the company. These links are provided as a service and do not imply approval of the activities or content of these sites, nor any association with their operators. The company does not control these websites nor is it responsible for their content, security or privacy. We encourage you to review the privacy policy posted on the linked sites before you start using the site or provide your personal information.

Changes to the privacy policy.

The company reserves the right to update and modify the Privacy policy at any time and without prior notice by posting a revised version on its website. Any changes will be effective immediately, unless otherwise stated in the change. Please keep yourself up to date and acknowledge Policy updates from time to time. Each update will contain an effective date.

Effective date.

This privacy policy is effective from 1.1.2018.

Version 1.0. Valid from 1.1.2018

Contact details.

E-mail: info@it-insignia.cz

By using our website or by providing your personal information to us through the website or otherwise, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy policy. If you disagree, please leave the website immediately and do not use our services.