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Overview - our key services

Implementation and support of IT security solutions  - from data centres and network  to the end user's devices

We offer integrated solutions for your data centres with respect of performance and cost of ownership (TCO). We understand IT infrastructure comprehensively, and therefore we also cover the area of networks and the end user‘s devices.

We focus on solutions that improve your IT security, and also increase the efficiency and reduce IT costs. How is it possible?  With the change from a reactive to a proactive approach, you can solve many problems, even before they become visible incidents for employees or even clients. Your IT support specialists will have more time to deal with other issues of IT strategy and will not become so overloaded with "putting out fires".

Our services are not concentrated only to the common user IT environment, but we also have experience in the field of technological networks and SCADA systems.

Implementation and business + technical support of AML solutions

We provide a complete portfolio of AML services, from initial analysis of client requirements, to selecting appropriate solution, IT implementation, the definition of AML scenarios & their tuning, and followed by business and technical support.

Based on our experience, our experts can solve 99% of problems onsite without contacting the standard product hotline of foreign supplier, which often covers only the product errors within the standard maintenance.

AML solutions are closely connected with the KYC programs  ("know your clients"), therefore we also help in system selection and assist in its implementation.

Consulting and analytical services

Are you looking for a solution especially for you?  Do you want to know the real situation of the security in your company? Do you need a help with IT security implementation within your organization?

We deliver the solutions well as services. Our main added value is the implementation and maintenance services provided by an experienced team, with the aim to ensure a successful project - the implemented solution is the real asset for the client.

Customer care

We provide technical support, professional and business consulting, and training.

The successful implementation and the solution acceptance is for us not the end of the project. Our goal is to meet customer needs and answer all their questions and needs also during the support and maintenance of the solution. Our customers can rely on us. They know that their requirements are our priority.

We strive to exceed the customer expectations, by reliably providing excellent services and superior products.

We achieve sustainable growth on constantly evolving and competitive markets.

Our team is focused on performance, therefore we've become more diverse, more motivated and stronger.

We innovate and move forward the projects of our clients, mainly thanks to our competence, vision, creativity and the ability to understand clients' needs.

We listen to our clients, it is important for us to know, what they think, and how they perceive our cooperation. Feedback is key for us and allows us to keep improving in the future.​​​​​​​

We know that it is not important what we write here about ourselves. It depends on what our customers think about us.